Cooling our current cottage

Building this log cottage has been a lifelong dream of mine, and a source of worry and work for the last many years.

  • I know I may have another year or so left until I am done with it all, but part of the reason for that is myself and others being in no hurry at all.

I want it to be pitch perfect in every way, so if it takes many years to finish, then that’s how long it takes! The structure itself is done, and there is a roof and walls and even exterior doors, so I can sleep here on long weekends. To work here during the summer time I definitely had to invest in a small a/c unit, which would work now that I had enclosed spaces. The first few summers were brutal, with no hope of any cooling besides jumping in the lake, because with no structure to trap the chilly air there was no point in AC… Now at least I will be wonderful for cooling down a room or multiple, which I can do while laboring, or just to have a nice comfortable arena to sleep, once I have all the interior work down, and the plumbing and electrical grid installed, after that I can know about what kind of climate control idea I will get for the arena. I want a wood burning furnace to use in the winters, but I’m not sure if central cooling system is the way to go, or just getting more window units, because there won’t certainly be that numerous rooms.

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