Controlling humidity is a big part of what the HVAC does

I have to say that being inside my home during the summer can actually be a blessing.

That is directly a result of the HVAC. Without the extraordinary comfort the HVAC heat pump provides, it would be otherwise unbearable. Our region is known for the summer heat and humidity. It’s a tough four or five months of relentless thick heat. Fortunately, I have an HVAC that is ready to do the job of keeping my house nice and cool. That’s great because I am spending a great deal of time inside my home and the HVAC due to the pandemic. This led me to think more about the air I was breathing. It became very clear that indoor air quality is so important to our immune health. And I definitely wanted to do all I could to strengthen my immune health. There are so many airborne contaminants that are attacking our immune system when a home has poor indoor air quality. However, there is one airborne contaminant that we don’t have to worry about and that is mold & mildew. We don’t have to worry about that because the HVAC cooling system takes care of that for us. The way the heat pump works, in part, is by removing heat energy from the inside air and exhausting it outside. As the heat pump is extracting that heated air, it takes a great deal of moisture with it as well. So, just by cooling the air, the HVAC is also balancing the humidity in the house. That’s why we aren’t forever scrubbing away mold and mildew.
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