Can’t concentrate with loud equipment

My biggest problem is my indoor air handling system as it relates to my productivity.

You might not think that indoor air quality has much to do with work output, but I can tell you that my air temperature plays a major role in my daily life.

Not only is it incredibly distracting to have hot and cold patches fluctuating throughout the house with unreliable air conditioning units and forced air furnaces dictating the degree of indoor discomfort, but the problem goes much deeper. My ancient heating, cooling, and air quality control system is so disturbing that I’m almost at my wit’s end when it comes to performing my daily duties at work. The trouble all started a few months ago when I noticed that my indoor air handling devices stopped operating at their same level of power and efficiency. In fact, it felt like my air conditioner was barely producing any cold air. Meanwhile, my furnace barely managed to churn out a steady stream of warmth. I was trying to mess with my thermostat day in and day out, but I could never make enough changes to offset the unmanaged indoor air temperature throughout my home. It honestly seemed like my heating, cooling, and air quality control system got worse with time and attention. No matter where I tried to do my daily tasks, I couldn’t escape the air quality issues or the preoccupation with listening to my failing heating, cooling, and ventilation system in the background. I feared insanity by way of heating and cooling plan any day. And then… I finally called the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership to ask for some help with my continued HVAC nightmare. Within an hour, all of my heating and cooling noise complaints were resolved and I was finally able to complete my tasks for work.


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