BF is clearly sick when he’s the cold one

I never thought I would be the type of person to settle down. I’m not saying that I have been a player for my whole life, but I have never found one partner who seems to check all of the boxes. Instead, I have casually dated a large number of people at once and kept myself fairly protected from any serious committed relationship. That is, until I met my boyfriend. He and I even each other out in so many ways that we are the perfect match. He is the yin to my yang. This is true all the way down to our indoor air quality control and air temperature program. When we moved in together I was absolutely thrilled to find out that we had complimentary indoor air temperature control preferences. We do not have the exact same ideal temperature range, for sure. I prefer things to be rather warm and he is always on the cold side. However, this forces us to compromise and reduce our monthly energy bill thanks to our conservative heating, cooling, and ventilation control program. Essentially, I am always a little bit too cold and my boyfriend is always a little bit too warm. We have settled into this lifestyle and our HVAC plan keeps things pretty predictable. In fact, our temperatures are so predictable that I always know when my boyfriend is getting sick based on the thermostat settings. If he is ever trying to bump up the heating system or complaining about cold drafts, I know that he’s about to be ill.

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