Being at the gym keeps me motivated

I remember when I was a kid my mom used to sit on her stationary bike and watch her soap operas.

She would usually have a huge soda, and something yummy to eat like chips or popcorn.

She didn’t use the bike as anything other than a place to sit, as if it was touching the bike that got results. She would then complain that “the bike is worthless ,it doesn’t work at all” when she put on weight. I think of that often, especially when I am considering whether or not to buy a new piece of gym equipment for the house. I used to go to the gym a lot, but then I started making the rationalization about being able to workout at home for a lot less money. For the prices of a couple pieces of exercise equipment I could work out a lot more, whenever I wanted, and really step up my gains. Then I thought about my mom on her stationary bike, and how she thought that being around it would translate to weight loss. The thing that I realized, and what my mom never did, was the extra hidden you get from the gym is having other people watching you. Sitting at home, alone, watching TV, you can afford to be lazy, but in the middle of a bustling gym filled with personal trainers and dumbbells, you can’t just stand there and watch tv, you feel like an idiot. So maybe it is worth keeping my gym membership after all, for the added motivation.


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