Author: Jamal

Worked out early that day

My sister Emma just got married last weekend. She was sort of a demanding bride time wise. I had to get a hotel for three nights because of all the wedding events I had to do. There was the wedding shower, rehearsal dinner and actual wedding day. On the day of the wedding all the […]

It is part of the hotel fee anyway

For my mother’s birthday we do a trip up north and see a bunch of musicals. We spend extra to have front row seats. Around three days is good enough. Each day is a new musical, place to eat and store to shop at. It is basically one big spend fest. However, the trip is […]

Missing my morning wake up call

Five days a week I used to do a group fitness class. I never wanted to drive in rush hour and waste time. So, I would get up earlier than usual, drive towards work but then take an hour fitness class with a personal trainer. Basically my workplace is in the parking lot of the […]

New home office leads to new HVAC

It is a simple fact that no matter the planning or execution, things don’t always go the way you want them to. Sometimes, things are just going to work out the way they are going to work out. This is just the way it is and the more I just accept this fact, the more […]