An HVAC repair can be very expensive

My wife and I knew that we were having problems with the air conditioner, because the indoor air was starting to feel warm and clammy.

Even when the air conditioner was running nonstop, it was still struggling to cool the temperature down to 73 degrees.

During the summer time days, the best temperature we could achieve was 75 degrees. I talked to an HVAC company technician and they told me that the air conditioner can only remove so much key. On a day when the temperature is 105 degrees outside, the air conditioner is doing the best it can. On one hot summer day, my wife and I were noticing unusual problems and we felt it was necessary to contact a professional. We quickly found out that the coils were very dirty and filled with dust. Was causing some problems and the AC was not running properly due to this issue. My wife and I paid the professional to clean the evaporator coils and perform a full maintenance service on the air conditioner. They spent an hour cleaning the entire HVAC unit. Apparently this type of service should be performed regularly. After the service was completed, the indoor air was a few degrees cooler. We also bought a ceiling fan for the living room. The fan helps circulate the air and that makes the room a few degrees colder too. We still have trouble on the hottest days of summer, but at least we can feel cold air coming out of the ductwork. We know the problem isn’t something with the indoor A/C machine.



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