Adult choices can be very difficult sometimes

I recently had to make a tough choice that only an adult would have to make.

See, I was having some trouble with a bee infestation at my house and I couldn’t get rid of them on my own.

However, I didn’t have all that much cash lying around at that point, and what I did have was earmarked for the couch that I have been saving up for. That’s how I ended up having to choose between getting some bee extermination done and getting my beautiful new couch that I really wanted. Not only that, but I’m actually desperately in need of a new couch because my other one is literally falling apart. A couple of weeks ago when I was reading a book and sipping coffee on my awful old uncomfortable couch, I heard a lot of buzzing from the window behind me. That’s when I noticed that there were bees climbing in and out of a crack in the windowsill. Worst of all, they appeared to be yellow jackets, which I am terrified of. When I investigated outside, I found a big yellow jacket nest that I had somehow missed when I was doing yard work outside. There were bees literally everywhere outside and it was terrifying. I knew right then that I needed to call up a local bee extermination company, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to get rid of the yellow jackets, but I didn’t want to pay for it. I knew that yellow jacket extermination was bound to be pretty pricey and I didn’t want to use up all of my saved couch money!


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