A good day starts with a great breakfast

My mom always told my sister and I that it was important to get a good breakfast in the morning.

My mom absolutely believed it was the most important meal of the day.

When my sister and I were younger, my mom made us breakfast every single morning. We had eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, or waffles. My mom even made fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning. I still think it is very important to start the day off with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. I never eat carbohydrates in the morning, but I usually have some eggs, fresh fruit, and a cup of yogurt. If I eat french toast or pancakes in the morning, I feel sluggish all day. Last Tuesday, I met my mom for breakfast at a diner and I decided to have breakfast crepes. They were filled with cheese and spinach. I left breakfast and I went to work on a boiler repair that morning. The customer called with a small leak in the boiler. It wasn’t a problem yet, but we had to work fast before the issue was a major expense. I was feeling very tired and my stomach was full and upset. I could not have completed that boiler repair without some help. Thankfully, my partner and friend Jeremy was there. I didn’t have my mind in the game. I even forgot my tools in the truck and I had to walk all the way back to the vehicle. I blame the big breakfast and carbohydrates. I know it can’t be the fact that I am getting older.