A/C Helps me Get Good Indoor Air Quality

When I first moved into our current house, I discovered that it always felt as if there was excess moisture.

I didn’t have any wet clothes in the home yet struggled with mold on the closet wall and a weird damp smell.

I contemplated moving out, but this was not a viable idea at the time. When I discussed this with a buddy of mine, he advocated that I look into our air conditioner to see if it was working okay. Since he was not conversant with how this would work, I reached out to our Heating and A/C professional to discuss our options. I discovered a few things from the a/c guy, and I was willing to try them out. First, I found that the house’s device could take in the warm air through its ductwork and then suck moist air out of the home over the cool evaporating coils. When this is done, it then drains the condensed moisture out of the house. Sadly, our device failed at this, thus exposing myself and others to health risks such as allergies and breathing ills. After a bit of deliberation, the people I was with and I agreed that our house’s air conditioner required a couple of touch-ups before I could put in a dehumidifier. The filters were replaced with new a/c air filters, coils cleaned, and the fan speed adjusted to give me good indoor air quality. My Heating and A/C expert also installed a thermal expansion valve after checking the refrigerant in the a/c. With a few usual expert maintenance and close monitoring of the heating and cooling unit, I figured out the moisture problem. I got our home smelling fresh and free from mold-infestation.


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